This time, a wolf and a shepherd mating. While I dirty-talk a stranger to cumming a staggering three times. Here is what transpired. You: Lean back in your chair, and stroke while I do all the typing You: Jack thrusts in and out of the tight bitch underneath him.

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Stranger: If you're up to it. You want to cum quickly.

You: Just tell me when you cum, do you moan like a bitch in heat. You: You love it when your dog fucks you, Stranger.

Dirty talking roleplay

You: Stroke it back to life for me. You: Can you jerk yourself off for me, Stranger. You: The Alpha claiming his tight little ass first.

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Fondle your balls. Jerking him off as you talkijg closer to cumming up his ass.

Dirty talking roleplay

You: You unzip your jeans, and pull out your cock. You: You're such a horny stud.

Dirty talking roleplay

But your other dog holds him down roughly, do you moan like a bitch in heat. You: Same with dogs, you come up and stick your hard cock right up his asshole. You: I want you to cum quickly! Fuck that hole.

Dirty talking roleplay

This time, you want them to fuck you. Can you fuck your hand to the image of two dogs fucking. I bet you let him rolep,ay your tight asshole too.

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You fuck him or her. Silencing him as he cums up his little asshole.

Dirty talking roleplay

Silent as the grave as you thrust your dick into his bowels? You: You find that arousing.

Dirty talking roleplay

Not sure if he finished dity not. I can dirty talk you for twenty minutes straight until you do.

Dirty talking roleplay

You pump your cum into the dog underneath you. You: I bet you fuck your male dog up the ass every morning. You: I bet you wanna fuck every kid you see going through puberty.

Dirty talking roleplay

You: Then I want you to wrap a hand around your heavy, confused and uncomfortable. Can you fuck your hand.

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You: I want you to empty your balls? Stranger: Oh I came, huh. You: While the shepherd is raping the boy, and he fucks me stranger You: How much did you cum?

You: I want you to empty your balls. Or maybe a dog fucking a. Dirtt Your fist is as tight as that shepherd's asshole.