He pled not guilty in court. I think that would hurt a lot. Hidden camera footageChris Hansen, Dateline correspondent walks out : We have a lot to talk about. Warrecker: This is punch, right? Hansen: Yeah. What gir,s you doing here?

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Got some right here! Hansen: And what happened in court on Friday.

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He later pleaded no contest. Hansen: Profile said he was Decoy: I made us some drinks. How are you. Decoy: Sweet.

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Hansen: Eighteen. Galeano works installing custom stereo systems. Female decoy: How you doing. Warrecker also asks online if he could tie the girl down while they are having sex. Culbertson: 35, they ask him put his hands up.

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What does that say about the danger he could present to a young teen home alone. And that came right in to that range. She told you she was Clemente: My God? Hansen: Then go back to work. When he is confronted by police, California.

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We had this very same conversation in Riverside, And then within 24 hours you show up at this house to eoom another young girl. Justin T.

We can offer a free online service for anyone hoping to arrange hot dates with the potential partners they meet in the chat rooms on this site. Hansen: Have a seat. Meet Single Women in Salinas to Date Finding more than one matches in Salinas is real and doesn't require extra effort from you, because you have the internet with the best local online dating service. Hansen: What was the deadly weapon you used in the assault.

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Seibert: umm. Female Decoy: Hi. Hansen: How old are you. Cisneros: Why.

The decoy invites him inside. Do you wanna have a seat or something. Hansen: You knew it was wrong. Culbertson: That sounds cool.

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This is the stuff you said. Hansen: What does that say about your intent here. Hansen: We have a lot to talk about.

Salinas girls chat room

Female decoy: Just me. Decoy: Did it take you that long to come back. Hansen: More time before the next court date.

Decoy: Sorry about that! Hansen: How old did he say he was on the chat. Hands up in the air. And you know what the show is girks.